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Product shoots

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pack shots - e-commerce website & catalog photography

A proper packshot is supposed to include an accurate presentation of the qualities of the item & also be attractive and encourage customers to make purchase decisions. A packshot needs to show the product in the exact form that a customer will receive.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography tells a story about a product. The product is usually depicted in its natural environment, while the photographer’s main goal is to attract your attention and create positive emotions around the product.

clothing & apparel

When photographing clothing products, you want your brand’s identity to come through and inspire your audience to relate to the photographs.
Customers notice a significant difference whether purchasing online or through a catalogue with high-quality clothes photos. Being able to view all of the key features, such as the colour and cut of a piece of apparel, can offer your consumer greater confidence in making a purchase. Professional clothes photographs, whether on a model, mannequin, or a basic white backdrop, can help you convert visitors into buyers, limit the amount of returns, and keep them coming back for more.

our process

Our product photography process ensures that we understand your specific requirements while working to your brief.

The first step in planning product shoots is to decide how you’re going to use the images, will they be on your website showcasing your product range, will they be used in print advertisements or perhaps you’ll be using them on social media to grab your audience’s interest?

After you have conveyed your vision to us, our team can advise you and start the planning process to work to your brief.
We also agree on the costing of our services to you.

You ship the products to us and we shoot your pictures as per your articulated wishes with our high end photography equipment and years of experience.

All of your images will be delivered to you in softcopy as standard resolution JPEG files after due post-processing.

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